This is my second encounter with this company and I am not pleased. Never was. My first ever order doesn't even appear on my account history on the site.

Recently I returned an order in early December and tracked it via the tracking number on the order invoice sheet. Not to mention I also received another customer's invoice order sheet with mine. NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. According to tracking my order was returned/delivered on the 10th of December. When I first called about it, a rep told me they had received my order and I should see a refund by the end of that week.

I called again (over a month later) and it was as if the rep couldn't hear me on the other line, repeating "hello..." I heard her quite clearly. I was tossed over to another rep who said they had received the order today 01/10/2013 (which is a month later) and that is has not been processed. It takes a WHOLE MONTH to process a returned order? Really?

According to their site a refund "check" is issued the same week and if by credit, allow for 1-2 billing statements to appear. Will my refund be issued next month? My returned order is not even in their system when I spoke to yet another customer service rep today.

This company seems unorganized, if not shady and sketchy, about returns and refunds. I'm considering taking further action against this company about my refund.

I WOULD NOT recommend Roaman's to anyone. I've only ever ordered shoes, but I obviously returned one pair and only kept the other because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of returning the order. The quality is poor to average. The customer service is average. Returning an order and receiving a refund is a definite hassle because apparently it takes FOREVER to process a return.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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Ughhh wish I had read this sooner! 3 days ago (might be going on the 4th day now),I ordered a tunic from them via Amazon and haven't heard anything about my order being shipped.

I placed a couple of others on the same day and they both got shipped out just yesterday. The tunic was really pretty,but after reading that its poor quality,I'm not that much excited anymore.

Hopefully I won't have any problems like it was for you. Thanks for this.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #602909


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